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[Nulumia] Social Settings

On the next page, you can add up to six social media profiles for your theme. These will be produced anywhere in the theme you choose to display your social links list (See above locational settings in [Nulumia] Theme Options.

[SEO] Use rel="nofollow" tags on social links (Recommended)
Check to display a Xenforo tooltip messages when hovering over your social icons. This can help distinguish to the visitor that they are Follow vs Share links.

SEO Use rel="nofollow" tags
Check to place rel="nofollow" tags in your outbound social media links. This helps to keep your site's SEO value contained at your URL.

[SEO] Use rel="me" tag on social links
Check to use rel="me" tags on your outbound social links. Helps search engines to distinguish unique brand identity for SEO purposes.

Editing the social icons:

For each social media profile, fill out the three available fields:

Social Media Site #1-6
Enter the title of your social media site. This is not necessary, but is used when enabling the popup tooltips for each icon.

Icon name
Enter the FontAwesome icon code. You can find all available social media icons for FontAwesome at http://fontawesome.io/icons/#brand

Each format should be added in the form 'fa-icon-name' etc.
See http://fontawesome.io/icon/twitter/ for example

Enter the the link to your social media profile.