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[Nulumia] Slider Settings

On the next page, you can configure the following settings:

  • Enable Slider
    Activates the slider within your theme. If disabled, no NLSlider templates will be loaded on your frontend.
  • Locations
    Check which pages you'd like to display the slider.
  • Pages with sidebar layout
    Check how you'd like to display your slider on pages where the sidebar is enabled. Full width will place the slider above the sidebar and content. Narrow width will place the slider next to the sidebar.

Entering Slides

You may enter up to six slides in NulumiaSlider. The theme will only display slides which contain an 'Image Path' entry. 'Link', 'Title', and 'Description' fields are optional.

The slider by default includes sample slide image paths. Simply replace these paths with your own custom images. (See instructions to make custom slides below.)

If you enter either a title or description, the description box will appear over your slide on the front-end. If no title or description is supplied, your slide will not contain the description box and will simply show the image by itself.

Creating Slides

Your theme includes a sample .PSD slide template, and a sample slide .jpg image with the proper dimensions. You may find the .PSD template in the /PSD/ folder included in your theme's package file.

Simply upload your themes to a directory of your choice at your site (or a remote location), and enter the proper link in your slide's Image Path field.