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[Nulumia] Logo Icon Slider

On the next page, you can configure the following settings:

  • Enable Logo Icon Slider
    Check to add the icon slider to your forum
  • Show on device
    Select what devices you'd like to hide the logo icon slider. This can be helpful to have a cleaner appearance on smaller devices or save users' bandwidth.
  • Show Title
    Check to add a title phrase in your icon slider (i.e. "Partners", "Sponsors"). Can be styled via CSS property in left menu
  • Title
    Enter the title for your slider, if you choose to display one
  • AutoPlay
    This setting will auto play the slider on page load
  • AutoPlay Delay
    Enter a number (in milliseconds) to delay between slide change. For example, for 7 seconds you should enter "7000".
  • Number of Visible Slides
    The number of icons in a row displayed before having to scroll to the next row
  • Tablet Visible Slides
    Optionally reduce the number of icons displayed in a row on tablet sized screens
  • Mobile Visible Slides
    Optionally reduce the number of icons displayed in a row on mobile sized screens
  • Infinite Scroll
    This setting will cause the slider to loop when scrolling to the right.
  • Number of Slides to Scroll
    The number of slides which will scroll/rotate when clicking Previous or Next.
  • Show Dot Controls
    Check to add the dot controls below your slider icons
  • Icon Max Height
    Enter the max height in pixels to display your icons. Helps to keep your icons in a consistant size.
  • Pages to display
    Check to display the icon slider on all paes as part of your theme. When disabled, your icon slider will only appear on your main forum list.
  • Icon Image Path (#1-10)
    Enter the URL page for each icon image (Leave blank to not display further icons)
  • Link (#1-10)
    Enter a link for each icon