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Install & Upgrade

Installing your theme

1. Upload theme files

Upload contents of 'upload' folder to your forum directory. Ensure that the 'styles' folder appears like in the following examples:

(When forum is in the root of your site)
(When your forum is at an added directory, such as /forum, /forums, or /community.)

2. Access your forum Admin page

3. Access 'Appearance' -> 'Styles'

4. Click the 'Import Style' link

Click 'Browse' and select the .xml file included in your /xml/ folder in your download package. The .xml file will be in the format:

5. Click 'Import'

Your theme will be processed and installed for use.

Configuring your theme to receive updates

The following is highly recommended when using our themes to allow you to overwrite your theme with future updates, while retaining your customizations. Note that failure to use this method may result in updates which erase your changes.

6. Go back to your 'Styles' page

Click on the name of your newly instally theme, and rename it as you choose, such as: 'Theme Name - Parent'

7. On the top right of your 'Styles' page, click on 'Create New Style'

8. Select your newly installed theme as the 'Parent Style'. You may use the regular style name for this child-style.

9. Click 'Save Style'. The system will now automatically create a child-style of your new theme, which will be identical.

10. Disable user selection of the parent style by de-checking its checkbox.

11. If you wish to use your new theme as the Default Style, be sure to visit Admin -> Home -> Options -> Appearance

You should now make all your customizations, including Style Properties, Theme Settings, Templates Edits, and Custom CSS, in the child-style. We recommend you do not make any changes to the parent style.

When upgrading, simply overwrite the parent style to introduce the new changes, without affecting your customizations in the child-style.