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  • Our SEO addon did not make Christmas even release as was hoped, but is quickly being finalized for its first public release! Please stay tuned for the official launch here at the store, or by following the sneak preview thread at Xenforo.com.
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Free & Pro Theme Features

Main features
Toggle full width
Add external scripts and assets
Styled browser scrollbar
Advanced footer (columns, blocks & rows)
Featured content carousel
Partner logo carousel
Social profiles
Node grid & node backgrounds
Scrolling ticker
Set style image folder path
Expanded Color Palette & Basic Colors
Embed custom Google Fonts
Expanded Typography settings (customize headings & H1-H5 tags)
One-click import libraries (Particles.js, Parallax.js, CSS AnimateIt etc)
Full custom wallpaper
Particles.js animated background
Background slideshow (up to five backgrounds with transitions)
Set backgrounds for tablet and mobile
Auto-adjust text against dark backgrounds
Header & navigation
Expanded Style Properties
Add top bar
Text based logo
Logo motto / subtitle
Toggle full width header
Logo left or center
Set logo width & height
URL and size for navigation small logo
Use mobile menu expand icon instead of navigation tabs
Move mobile menu & icon left or right
Hide sub-navigation links (always display in dropdown menu)
Move visitor tabs to logo area or top bar
Show or hide visitor tab labels
Compact header (logo & navigation)
Hide sub-navigation links (always display in dropdown menu)
Mobile slideout menu
Expanded Style Properties
Show logo in menu header
Move menu left / right of page
Expanded Style Properties
Advanced footer (columns, blocks & rows)
Change footer links bar position
Hide style chooser
Layout / UI
Boxed or floating layout
Content area drop shadows
Style checkboxes, icons, inputs etc
XF1 style breadcrumb
Style page titles, description, tags etc
Hide title & breadcrumb on Advanced HTML pages
Hover transitions
Page Header Row
Enable page header (title & breadcrumb together in row)
Hide meta, author & tags
Add Particles.js animation
Hide on individual pages
Forum / Discussion list
Custom Font Awesome node icons
Alternating row colors
Hover row colors
Separate category descriptions
Expanded Style Properties
Show / hide elements (stats, last post etc)
Node Grid
Node Backgrounds
Messages & Conversations
Expanded Style Properties
Change avatar size (S/M/L) or custom size
Button-ify message user links
Expanded Style Properties
Add column with Font Awesome icon
Expanded Style Properties
Show / hide sidebar
Move left / right
Toggle widget heading appearance
One-click alternating row style
Open / close accordian lists by default
Addon Enhancements
Slick carousel no-conflict protection
Media Gallery enhanced layouts
Dragonbyte Ecommerce enhanced layouts