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Free & Pro Theme Features

Main features
Toggle full width
Add external scripts and assets
Styled browser scrollbar
Advanced footer (columns, blocks & rows)
Featured content carousel
Partner logo carousel
Social profiles
Node grid & node backgrounds
Scrolling ticker
Set style image folder path
Expanded Color Palette & Basic Colors
Embed custom Google Fonts
Expanded Typography settings (customize headings & H1-H5 tags)
One-click import libraries (Particles.js, Parallax.js, CSS AnimateIt etc)
Full custom wallpaper
Particles.js animated background
Background slideshow (up to five backgrounds with transitions)
Set backgrounds for tablet and mobile
Auto-adjust text against dark backgrounds
Header & navigation
Expanded Style Properties
Add top bar
Text based logo
Logo motto / subtitle
Toggle full width header
Logo left or center
Set logo width & height
URL and size for navigation small logo
Use mobile menu expand icon instead of navigation tabs
Move mobile menu & icon left or right
Hide sub-navigation links (always display in dropdown menu)
Move visitor tabs to logo area or top bar
Show or hide visitor tab labels
Compact header (logo & navigation)
Hide sub-navigation links (always display in dropdown menu)
Mobile slideout menu
Expanded Style Properties
Show logo in menu header
Move menu left / right of page
Expanded Style Properties
Advanced footer (columns, blocks & rows)
Change footer links bar position
Hide style chooser
Layout / UI
Boxed or floating layout
Content area drop shadows
Style checkboxes, icons, inputs etc
XF1 style breadcrumb
Style page titles, description, tags etc
Hide title & breadcrumb on Advanced HTML pages
Hover transitions
Page Header Row
Enable page header (title & breadcrumb together in row)
Hide meta, author & tags
Add Particles.js animation
Hide on individual pages
Forum / Discussion list
Custom Font Awesome node icons
Alternating row colors
Hover row colors
Separate category descriptions
Expanded Style Properties
Show / hide elements (stats, last post etc)
Node Grid
Node Backgrounds
Messages & Conversations
Expanded Style Properties
Change avatar size (S/M/L) or custom size
Button-ify message user links
Expanded Style Properties
Add column with Font Awesome icon
Expanded Style Properties
Show / hide sidebar
Move left / right
Toggle widget heading appearance
One-click alternating row style
Open / close accordian lists by default
Addon Enhancements
Slick carousel no-conflict protection
Media Gallery enhanced layouts
Dragonbyte Ecommerce enhanced layouts