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[Nulumia] Footer Settings

On the next page, you can configure the following settings:

  • Footer Layout
    Choose whether you'd like to stretch the footer to full width of the page, of maintain the Xenforo page width setting.
  • Enable Footer Block Layout
    Check this setting to activate our footer column layout. Note that if disabled, the footer column templates will not be inserted into your theme on the front-end.
  • Use Boxed Footer Style
    By default, the footer columns layout uses a floating column style. Check this setting to use a boxed style (applies solid backgrounds and uses a "paneled" style instead
  • Style Footer chooser menus
    Applies a button style to the Style and Language links in your footer

Editing the columns

Each footer column can take HTML content, and your theme includes sample HTML by default.

A very basic understanding of HTML syntax is needed to edit the column content.

The block layout (10 locations):

Location #1: Top Row

The optional top row has multiple settings. You can enable and leave by default for a single wide row.

  • Check "Make Full Width" for the row to span the width of your monitor. Note that during either of these configurations, you can edit the Style Property "Top Row Container" to adjust the appearance of the row.
  • Check "Make Parallax Banner" to give the row a large scrolling background image. You must now configure the Style Properties "Parallax Mode" and "Inner Block Parallax" on the left-side property menu. "Top Row Container -> Parallax Mode" is where you can enter the path to your parallax image. Note that we have included sample images in each theme.

Locations #2-3: Upper Rows

  • Check "Enable Upper Rows" to display the two upper blocks
  • Enter your HTML content for each block

Locations #4-7: Column Layout

  • For columns A-D, check "Enable Column" for each column you wish to display.
  • Enter your custom HTML for each column
  • Check "Use only for WidgetFramework" to temporarily hide your HTML content and only show widgets that have been added to the column.

Locations #8-9: Lower Rows

  • Check "Enable Lower Rows" to display the two lower blocks
  • Enter your HTML content for each block